Mathematics Teaching

A measure we must take
The teaching methodology of
Mathematics we must change
Instead of being a mere broadcast of content
We must stimulate, develop and guide
For students, so educate.

One thing is certain: the teacher
Must be discovery advisor
The student must be participative
Critical and very creative
Builder of your knowledge,
And not passive model follower.

The educator has the function of making
Help the student to
With egocentrism he can break
One set the students must form
For others to relate to each other.

When the domain of freedom
Criticism and responsibility
Start building autonomy
The student will acquire.

One thing I must tell
Evaluation is not a form of punishment
It is made according to the utilization
From the student who may or may not
In the next phase pass.

Mathematics education in any didactics
It's not imaginary, it's natural, it's whole, it's rational
That is, it belongs to the set of reals, that is, it is real.
Never lose your domain
Although it seems unitary
Your function can go to infinity
This if it is well understood.
Renato Beserra Kato