Mathematical Curiosities (page 2)

Number Three and the Sayings

The number five in life

Body surface area

Words derived from four

Decoding the message

Magic with the calendar

The fantastic coin trick

Multiplying with your fingers

Folding a sheet 50 times

Finding someone's phone

Guessing a Date of Birth

Square root of sequential numbers

Sequential time

The origin of the degree

What is Lemniscata?

Nine tables with fingers

What are the perfect squares?

What are leap years?

Forming the Nine Times Table

What is pentagram?

When does a century begin?

Your age and chocolate

Mega Sena Odds

The Easter that happened earlier

Coincidence with the word "night"

Numeric characters

The Russian Multiplication Method

Count to one million

Who discovered the Pythagorean Theorem?

Multiplication of 37 by multiples of 3

Superstition Around Number 13

Origin of multiplication and division signals