Augustus de Morgan

Augustus de Morgan was born in 1806 in India and died in 1871. He was an Indian mathematician and teacher based in England, one of the founders of BAAS. He studied at Trinity College, graduating fourth, not joining Cambridge and Oxford for refusing to take the religious exam. But he went on to teach mathematics at the age of 22 at the newly founded University of London, which would later be called University College.

He was blind in one eye, but an author and teacher of exceptional quality had many problems during his professional life because of radical positions in defense of religious, intellectual and academic freedom. One of his most interesting works, Budget of paradoxes, a satire on the circle quadrators, was published only after his death.

He has written works on the fundamentals of algebra, differential calculus, logic and probability theory. Together with George Boole, he became one of those responsible for the creation of modern symbolic logic.