6.0: Prelude to Applications of Integration

The Hoover Dam is an engineering marvel. However, water levels in the lake vary considerably as a result of droughts and varying water demands. Later in this chapter, we use definite integrals to calculate the force exerted on the dam when the reservoir is full and we examine how changing water levels affect that force. Hydrostatic force is only one of the many applications of definite integrals we explore in this chapter. From geometric applications such as surface area and volume, to physical applications such as mass and work, to growth and decay models, definite integrals are a powerful tool to help us understand and model the world around us.

Plan for Entity Framework Core 6.0

As described in the planning process, we have gathered input from stakeholders into a plan for the Entity Framework Core (EF Core) 6.0 release. This plan is periodically updated to reflect schedule and scope adjustments.

Unlike previous releases, this plan does not attempt to cover all work for the 6.0 release. Instead, it indicates where and how we intend to invest in this release, but with flexibility to adjust scope or pull in new work as we gather feedback and learn while working on the release.

This plan is not a commitment. It is a starting point that will evolve as we learn more. Some things not currently planned for 6.0 may get pulled in. Some things currently planned for 6.0 may get punted out.

Why Enterprise Integration Strategy?

Before we jump into the Enterprise Integration Strategy, let us clear the air. Enterprise Application Integration is not only connecting systems. It transforms your business, simplifies, and streamlines your business process, and the role that Enterprise Application Integration plays in digitally transforming your business is tremendous.

Every solution has its own upside and the downside it is often dependent on the environment when it comes to integration. Keeping yourself aware of the strengths and weaknesses can help throughout Enterprise Integration that is why having an Enterprise Application Integration strategy is vital for successful enterprise integration.

Before you decide anything on Enterprise Application Integration, you need to have a deep understanding of the current, and upcoming integration needs as well as the challenges your organization has to face including the number of existing applications you need to integrate, additional applications you might need in the near future, and the communication protocols.

Application Synchronization

Let’s look at an example of an application discovered by vRNI, then synchronized to vROps. This application, called Funbike, was discovered via Flow-Based Application Discovery and looks like this in vRNI:

There are six tiers, traffic flowing between the tiers. The best part is that this is a hybrid application workloads are hosted in AWS as EC2 instances and vSphere VMs. This is how it looks in vROps:

The first thing to notice is that all applications discovered with vRNI will be prefixed with “vRNI –“. The application has the same six tiers as in vRNI, and you can zoom in closer to the workloads and see the object that vROps has attached. The Web and Mgmt have AWS EC2 instances, while the DB and DBLB tiers are vSphere VMs.

Once the applications are in vROps, you can start using it’s world-class Application Monitoring to keep an eye on the application-level performance.


At Prelude, payment processing isn’t part of our business. Payment Processing is our business. Our clients benefit not only from of our technology but from our approach to solving their overall payment processing requirements, including today's urgency to move to electronic payments. Our experience and our proven methodology helps our clients successfully surpass their paper and electronic disbursement goals.

Prelude raises the bar in client service and delivery of comprehensive quality solutions that extend the life cycle their existing systems. Prelude has embraced the nimbleness and client collaboration typically inherent in small companies and made it a corporate culture that allows us to earn raving fan clients. Our clients appreciate our rapid deployments and our dedication to their ongoing success. Beyond completing just a project, Prelude builds lifetime business partners.

Although we are continually researching and developing cutting-edge solutions to payment processing workflows like E-portals, mobile payment functionality and private clouds, none are important than the disbursement solution we specifically configure for you to satisfy your requirements. Clients consider our state-of-the-art centralized payment management solution, PayPilot, to be integral to their cost reduction and streamlining initiatives regarding disbursements and payment related processes, like Positive Pay, Bulking Payments, Electronic Payments and Electronic Remittance. No wonder our clients rave about the millions they are saving by using PayPilot.

Brilliantly designed to help jump start your payment processing initiative, PayPilot integrates flawlessly with your issuing source system and/or necessary third party software. Our competitive advantage includes our dominance in mapping to legacy and more modern systems. Our payment processing engineers take the responsibility to conform our payment processing solution to your existing formats. With Prelude’s PayPilot payment processing solution, existing systems can be relieved of their siloed disbursement functions one-by-one, or all at once to our more efficient, centralized enterprise-wide payment processing solution. You can even transfer functionality by department or by line of business. And if you’re considering a system upgrade or replacement at a later date, all the data connections can be easily established with the new software without consequence to key operations or customer satisfaction.

PayPilot draws its strength and flexibility from the heart of the system, its database. PayPilot offers both a Microsoft SQL Server or an Oracle version. Our multi tiered architecture and payment database core provides centralized control with distributed access to all payment management functions. As a data-driven system, PayPilot can be completely configured to match—and automate—your business rules, your workflows, and your terminology.

Prelude's extensive payment processing expertise extends across all facets of the lifecycle of the disbursement process. From database management, security requirements, compliance adherence to data access for easy handling, exporting, reporting and backup and recovery. Our in-depth fluency with such a wide variety of legacy, home-grown and today's systems and data types is a key differentiator for Prelude in the marketplace.

Prelude is the payment processing experts' expert.

At Prelude we turn complicated back-end payment processing problems into an easy-to-use, disbursement solution. PayPilot easily interfaces with any source systems (general ledger, claims, policy, accounts payable, etc.) in any industry setting. Data passes between systems using interfaces configured by our implementation team in the precise format you currently use: MS SQL or Oracle tables ASCII flat files Web Services Excel spreadsheets print image files etc. Once the interfaces are in place, many of the centralized payment functions can be run as a service on the application server, with no operator involvement. Our AutoPilot service can be configured to handle any number of jobs, freeing your staff from routine and repetitive tasks.

PayPilot in the cloud - Private Cloud, Third Party Hosting

In addition to its on-premises solution, Prelude also offers the option of running PayPilot in third party, business process outsourcing (BPO) processing centers. Several of Prelude's clients benefit from the features and functionality of PayPilot hosted in a remotely located BPO center of their selection.
For more information, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

What is the role of Enterprise Application Integration?

Enterprise Application Integration is a mechanism that helps efficient data flow and manages different data flow from one program to another. It helps to streamline and simplify everything in your enterprise. Enterprise Application Integration can ease out your transformation process by reducing unnecessary workload and costs. Some of the key challenges many organizations face are the sharing of data and the complexity of the processes involved. So, here are some of the perks Enterprise Integration can offer in your Digital Transformation journey.

Real-time information access: Information sharing is an essential asset to every business organization. Enterprise Application Integration brings in a single access. It ensures consistent information sharing across systems and enables users to access their respective data from a single point of access.

Streamlining processes: Nothing is better than having a simplified process. Having a streamlined technology can provide greater satisfaction to the users and deliver better service to their customers. Enterprise Application Integration combines functionality and information from different applications into a single point, which makes it a lot easier to simplify and streamline the whole process.

Easy and better control: Enterprise Integrations provide different mechanisms for better control of information flow and help you identify the full potential of the software investments.

Less effort and lesser cost: With Enterprise Integration, you can get the faster performance of any work. You can achieve an absolute level of perfection in less time. Also, a higher amount of work can be done with minimal effort in the given period. This reduces the time as well as many other costs involved.

As we talk about the glory of Digital Transformation and Enterprise Application Integration, choosing the right enterprise integration platform, getting the right integration approach, and proper integration of digital platform marks the beginning of a great Digital Transformation.

Choosing the enterprise integration platform, at times, can be a daunting task. With many integration platform providers in the market, Dell Boomi integration platform stands out with its broad features. PreludeSys is a Certified Dell Boomi Implementation Partner specialized in enterprise-grade solutions for a variety of integration needs. Turn your Enterprise integration challenges into real-time opportunities. Talk to our experts NOW!

Downloading Oracle Application Server Integration B2B Free

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What is Enterprise Application Integration?

The primary function of Enterprise Application Integration is bridging the gap between different departmental software in an organization. Also, EAI is a crucial component of the digital transformation for businesses. It can offer you an efficient data flow from one system to another with a user-friendly interface.

The right set of technologies, tools, and structures ensures real-time integration and efficient data flow from one system to another with a user-friendly interface. Enterprise Application Integration enables businesses to unlock their software’s full potential and outperform their competitors. Many companies are handling EAI through different approaches. The approaches could be an engine that manages several channels, point-to-point integration that integrates applications through one link, or an Enterprise Service Bus that utilizes numerous complex business applications, or iPaaS, a cloud-based integration technology.

Now that we have had a glimpse of what Enterprise Integration is. Let us know what those actual benefits of Enterprise Application Integration are.

Benefits of Enterprise Integration for Business

Easy access to data and Improved Data Management

The right enterprise Application Integration solution can enable easy access to complete information in the applications. You can consolidate all the data across systems to create a single access point. It saves time in searching for information and allows users from different departments to access updated data. Enterprise Application Integration can help you manage the data efficiently by increasing the interoperability between the several departments in your organization.

Streamline business process and automate the workflow

EAI helps in streamlining the business processes by applying better functionality from all applications into an easy-to-use interface. It also improves collaboration between multiple departments. EAI improves business processes as well as enhances the transparency of workflow. By automating workflows with EAI, you can enhance the collaboration across the teams and productivity without developing application-specific interfaces and connecting them point-to-point.

Gain flexibility in IT Infrastructure and innovate better

EAI can help organizations easily develop IT facilities and respond timely to the customer’s growing expectations. EAI lets you respond to new opportunities much faster than your competitors. EAI can help companies quickly address shifts in the market from a single interface.

Increasing efficiency while reducing the time and effort

Enterprise Application Integration makes internal and external communication easier and provides improved control that leads to an increasing inefficiency. Enterprise application integration does not only provide a streamlined business process in a single user-friendly interface, but it helps in a significant reduction in the time needed to integrate new data and the effort required.

Complete Control of your organization

Another benefit of implementing EAI is that it allows you to take control of the information flow by providing universal access, sharing information system, whether standardized or asynchronous. EAI will give you control to get full knowledge of the integration that facilitates complete control of your company.

Finding the right Enterprise Application Integration solution for your business

Enterprise Application Integration is packed with many benefits, along with the few we have seen in this article. When implemented correctly, Enterprise Application Integration allows you to take advantage of your IT investment completely. But, it is well known that every solution has its upside and downside. That is why keeping you aware of the strengths and weaknesses is essential.

To have a successful and smooth integration, having an Enterprise Application Integration strategy is vital. Suppose you would like to take your integration dreams to action before you decide anything on EAI. In that case, you need to have a deep understanding of the current and upcoming integration needs and the challenges you need to face in the near future.

With extensive expertise and experience in integrating our client’s enterprise applications, we have gained more knowledge to help you find the right enterprise application integration. If you are looking out to find the right integration solution to accelerate your business growth, we are here to help you.

We can help you turn your Enterprise Integration challenges into real-time opportunities. To know more about us and EAI benefits for Business, Talk to our experts NOW!

Version Downloads Last updated
6.4.4 6𧊡𧄡 12.05.2020
6.4.0 5𧐂𧋺 03.12.2019
6.4.0-preview3-19553-01 37𧈐 13.11.2019
6.4.0-preview2-19525-03 8𧏯 01.11.2019
6.4.0-preview1-19506-01 21𧓙 15.10.2019
6.3.0 5𧆮𧍀 23.09.2019
6.3.0-rc1-19458-04 5𧍗 16.09.2019
6.3.0-preview9-19423-04 10𧏟 04.09.2019
6.3.0-preview8-19405-04 19𧍉 13.08.2019
6.3.0-preview7-19363-02 37𧄸 23.07.2019
6.3.0-preview6-19304-03 37𧈕 12.06.2019
6.3.0-preview5-19254-05 26𧎲 07.05.2019
6.2.0 30𧅛𧇿 26.10.2017
6.2.0-beta1 215𧐟 19.05.2017
6.1.3 39𧋌𧈡 10.03.2015
6.1.3-beta1 231𧈗 11.02.2015
6.1.2 2𧐵𧊶 22.12.2014
6.1.2-beta2 76𧌆 14.11.2014
6.1.2-beta1 153𧅣 18.09.2014
6.1.1 5𧍃𧌧 20.06.2014
6.1.1-beta1 76𧎔 20.05.2014
6.1.0 5𧉴𧇱 17.03.2014
6.1.0-beta1 100𧐐 11.02.2014
6.1.0-alpha1 88𧅝 20.12.2013
6.0.2 2𧋊𧒱 13.12.2013
6.0.2-beta1 75𧊛 27.11.2013
6.0.1 1𧋙𧌆 17.10.2013
6.0.0 7𧍧𧌴 17.10.2013
6.0.0-rc1 119𧎡 21.08.2013
6.0.0-beta1 133𧓇 28.05.2013
6.0.0-alpha3 80𧎛 25.02.2013
6.0.0-alpha2 74𧉖 10.12.2012
6.0.0-alpha1 59𧌰 25.10.2012
5.0.0 11𧈵𧉘 11.08.2012
5.0.0-rc 192𧍀 15.05.2012
5.0.0-beta2 37𧐽 22.03.2012
5.0.0-beta1 52𧉯 29.02.2012
4.3.1 695𧍹 29.02.2012
4.3.0 301𧉳 09.02.2012
4.3.0-beta1 24𧄩 13.01.2012
4.2.0 495𧅷 01.11.2011
4.1.10715 866𧏥 25.07.2011
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Dell Boomi AtomSphere – An overview

Dell Boomi AtomSphere is a multi-tenant cloud integration platform available for connecting Cloud and on-premises applications. It is a platform that can enable us to design cloud-based integration processes called Atoms that defines what is necessary for the integration. With these Atoms, we can transfer data between Cloud and on-premises applications. Dell Boomi is a leading iPaaS designed to be an elastic, multi-tenant, hosted platform to deliver a powerful environment to its customers by Dell Boomi. Dell Boomi’s approach to integration through Boomi AtomSphere is configuration-based rather than code-based, and it allows you to connect a combination of Cloud, SaaS, or on-premises integrations.

Dell Boomi AtomSphere facilitates code development, testing, configuration, deployment, and monitoring. It supports a variety of transport methods that include AS2, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SFTP, FTPS, SMTP, ODBC/JDBC and standards-based web services like SOAP, REST, and JNDI as well as standards including EDI, HL7, XML, and JSON.

How to connect your cloud applications using Boomi AtomSphere?

The integration process with Dell Boomi AtomSphere is classified into three phases –

Build Phase

This is the initial phase where you can design and start implementing your integration process. In the Build Phase, you have to specify your integration logic to communicate between different cloud applications.

Boomi’s visual tool with access to a library of pre-built connectors, familiar point-and-click, drag-and-drop techniques can ensure that you have an exceptionally sophisticated integration process.

Steps in implementing the build phase

  • Create a process, which is the central integration logic that specifies the incoming and outgoing data between your cloud applications.
  • Specify the incoming data to be used in the integration process from a source.
  • Define the outbound connectors, which specifies the destination and how to send data to the destination.
  • Map your incoming and outgoing data using the ‘Map Shape.’

Deploy Phase

The Deploy Phase is the phase where you need to deploy the integration process to the run-time engine known as the Boomi Atom. In this phase, AtomSphere supports two types of deployment –

  • Cloud Deployment (If your integration endpoints are Cloud-based)
  • On-premise Deployment (If your integration endpoint is within your enterprise)

The integration engine, Atom allows your integration process to run on-premises or in the Cloud. With Atom, your integration processes can execute independently of the AtomSphere platform. Boomi Atom continues to work even where there is a need, and the AtomSphere platform is down for maintenance.

Manage Phase

This is a final phase of integration with AtomSphere. It helps your operations team monitor and maintain the status of all the deployed Atoms, the health of your integration process, and review detailed process logs.

Irrespective of where you deploy the Boomi Atoms or the number of processes you run, it enables centralized management for all your integrations from the Boomi AtomSphere platform through the ‘Manage’ tab.

How to know if Preludesys is the right choice for you?

Dell Boomi is the best iPaaS and an industry leader, is an efficient integration solution through which you can seamlessly connect all your applications in a single instance, multi-tenant, low-code, and 100% cloud-native platform at an exceptional speed. If you still need to know if Dell Boomi is the right solution for connecting your cloud application and whether it can fit your integration needs, you can reach out to a Dell Boomi Expert who can guide you.

We are a certified Dell Boomi Partner specialized in enterprise-grade solutions for a variety of integration needs. We work closely with Dell Boomi to deliver complex, yet cost-effective integration solutions for Cloud and on-premise applications.

If you want to know more about Dell Boomi AtomSphere, Talk to our experts!!