5: New Page

5: New Page

MediaWiki makes it very easy to link wiki pages using a standard syntax (see Help:Links ).

If you (or anyone else) create a link to an article that doesn't exist yet, the link will be colored red, like this.

  • This sample displays that underline style unconditionally. The underline displayed below the text of actual links will normally be hidden by default and made visible only when the link is hovered by the mouse or selected by keyboard navigation, if the wiki (or the user's preferences) uses the default MediaWiki styles.
  • The actual color of links is also dependent on the default wiki styles, and the design of Wiki pages may still override these default colors.

Clicking a red link will take you to the edit page for the new article.

Simply type your text, click save and the new page will be created.

Once the page has been created, the link will change from red to blue (purple for pages you've visited) indicating that the article now exists.

Usually this is the best way to create a new page, because it means that right from the start, the page will be linked from at least one other place on the wiki (and typically you will want to mesh it into other related pages later).

If you are creating a new page without creating any link to it, you may need to ask yourself: Does this page really fit in with the topics already covered in the wiki?

Also, how are you expecting visitors to find this page?

Normally there is no reason to create a page without first creating a red link to it.

If you search for a page that doesn't exist (using the search box and "Go" button on the left of the page) then you will be provided with a link to create the new page.

You can use the wiki's URL for creating a new page.

The URL to an article of the wiki is usually something like this:

If you replace ARTICLE with the name of the page you wish to create, you will be taken to a blank page which indicates that no article of that name exists yet.

Clicking the "Edit" page tab at the top of the page will take you to the edit page for that article, where you can create the new page by typing your text, and clicking submit.

Copy the following text into a page in the wiki:

This generates a box where users can simply type the article title and generate a page with that name.

This allows unexperienced editors to easily create pages.

Don't forget to set up redirects when you create a page.

If you think another person may search for the page you've created by using a different name or spelling, please create the proper redirect(s).

Normally a new wiki page can be edited by other people (that is one of the main ideas of a wiki!).

However, a sysop could protect the page, if desired, to prevent normal users from editing it.

This release was led by Matt Mullenweg, with a great squad of supporting characters:

  • Release Coordinator: Jake Spurlock (@whyisjake)
  • Triage PM: David Baumvald (@davidbaumwald)
  • Editor Tech: Ella Van Durpe (@ellatrix)
  • Editor Design: Michael Arestad (@michael-arestad)
  • Core Tech: Sergey Biryukov (@sergeybiryukov)
  • Media Tech: Andrew Ozz (@azaozz)
  • Accessibility: Jb Audras (@audrasjb)
  • Docs Coordinator: Justin Ahinon (@justinahinon)
  • Marketing/Comms Coordinator: Mary Baum (@marybaum)

Thank you to all who contributed to WordPress 5.5! See the release post for the full list of contributors.

Secret #2: Tell Your Story, Not a History Lesson

Whether you loved or hated history class, your About Us page should not read like a boring textbook.

Most of us don&rsquot want to learn the history of your company.

Sure, it&rsquos nice to know that your brand has been around for more than a decade, but do we really need to read about every minute detail of your brand&rsquos timeline along the way?

See, these pieces of information don&rsquot help your new visitors figure out how you can help them.

In our next example, there&rsquos way too much boasting and not enough information about how the company wants to help their potential customers:

Words like ongoing American success story and our massive network don&rsquot show us who&rsquos behind the brand or how they plan to help their potential customers.

Instead, we find a big brand experiencing ongoing success. Great.

Shareholders may be cool with this, but what about new visitors? How is this information going to help them?

Your About Us page is where you&rsquoll create a human connection with your visitors as if you were standing right in front of them.

It&rsquos not about showcasing every accomplishment and bragging about how great you are. You can dump these achievements on a separate page.

Your About Us page is where you get the chance to connect with new customers -- and it&rsquos one interaction you can&rsquot afford to mess up.

To connect with readers, you need to share an authentic story. And not your whole life story either, please.

Pare things down and get to the heart of your &ldquoaha&rdquo moment.

What problems were you facing that led you to create this solution?

Why did you decide to share your solution with everyone?

These answers will help you connect with readers who are in the same situation you were in.

By doing this, you instantly become a trusted expert. Someone who can help them solve their problems.

As a reward, new readers will progress deeper into your funnel and will be excited to learn more about how you can help.

His About Us page is as authentic as it gets.

Lewis admits that he had big dreams and wanted to become something great, but he battled with:

  • Not feeling smart enough
  • Not having any real friends
  • Struggling with reading
  • Being bullied and picked on

Most of us would never admit these insecurities and yet he did it within seconds of introducing himself.

And almost all of us can relate to at least one or more of the feelings Lewis was experiencing.

This is why he connects so well with his readers. He&rsquos created a growing audience that relates to him on so many levels they faithfully stick with him moving forward.

You can do the same thing for your brand.

Show your true story and show visitors that you were in the same situation they are and you can bet they&rsquoll stick around your site longer.

You can also keep their attention once you have it by designing a visually appealing About Us page.

5: New Page

MANILA (Reuters) -Philippine authorities ordered on Monday an investigation into the crash of an Air Force plane that overshot a runway killing 47 soldiers on board, three civi…

Tropical Storm Elsa closing in on Cuba and Florida

Tropical Storm Elsa was forecast to cross over Cuba by Monday night and then head for Florida, where Gov. Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency in 15 counties.

Texas governor gets a Republican challenger

Allen West, the former Florida congressman and firebrand who rode into office on the tea party wave a decade ago, said Sunday that he will challenge Greg Abbott.

Golf pro, 2 others shot dead at Georgia country club

Professional golfer Gene Siller was shot and killed at an Atlanta-area country club on Saturday, and two other men were later found dead of apparent gunshot wounds.

LeBron halts youth basketball game to confront announcer

LeBron James went full basketball dad in an arena with his name on it.

Collapsed Florida condo demolished ahead of storm

The partially collapsed Miami-area condo where 24 people are confirmed dead was demolished on Sunday night, ahead of the possible arrival of Tropical Storm Elsa.

Vatican gives update on Pope after intestinal surgery

Pope Francis is doing well following intestinal surgery, the Vatican said on Sunday after the 84-year-old pontiff was hospitalised for the first time since his election in 2013…

Tragedy casts pall over holiday in South Florida

The Fourth of July holiday was marked with somber tones in South Florida, where a collapsed building has left at least 24 dead and more than 120 missing under rubble. “July 4 …

Spectacular fireworks accident led to July 4 show cancellation

Workers were beginning to set up on the beach for one of Ocean City’s two holiday firework displays when the explosives were unintentionally discharged.

Joey Chestnut sets new record at hot dog race

Chowdown champ Joey “Jaws” Chestnut broke his own record to gulp to a 14th win in the men’s Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest on Sunday, while Michelle Lesco took the wome…

Pope goes to Rome hospital for intestinal surgery

Pope Francis went to a Rome hospital on Sunday for scheduled surgery on his large intestine, the Vatican said. The news came just three hours after Francis had cheerfully gree…

'All I could see was just white dust': Condo survivor

Alfredo Lopez and his wife Marian were asleep when the first thundering blast jolted them awake. Alfredo rushed to wake his 24-year-old son Michael, urging him to get dressed,…

Trump could be called to testify: Clyburn

Trump held a rally on Saturday where he asked for more information into the death of a woman who was fatally shot while storming the Capitol.

Counselors work to ease grief over Fla. condo collapse

After Lauren Miller lost her father in January to COVID-19, her longtime friend Jay Kleiman advised her not to wallow in grief and to seek counseling to ease her pain. Now she…

Demolition crews move in at condo amid storm fears

Rescue crews made way for demolition teams at the site of a collapsed South Florida condo building as officials shifted their focus to bringing down the unstable remainder of t…

Marv Albert, legendary voice in sports, says goodbye

A legendary career has come to an end.

Biden on runner's suspension: 'The rules are the rules'

The 100-meter dash winner at the U.S. Olympic trials is out of the event.

Rescue crews searching for pets in condo collapse

As crews prepare to demolish the remaining flank of 12-story condominium complex that collapsed near Miami, officials reassured families Saturday that they had done their best …

Chief caught leaving KKK note for Black officer

"There's no one word to explain how disgusting this is,” Sheffield Lake's mayor said of the incident involving the city's longtime police chief.

About this page:

This page was last updated on Monday, July 5, 2021 at 06:55 AM EDT .

Have countries flattened the curve?

Countries around the world are working to “flatten the curve” of the coronavirus pandemic. Flattening the curve involves reducing the number of new COVID-19 cases from one day to the next. This helps prevent healthcare systems from becoming overwhelmed. When a country has fewer new COVID-19 cases emerging today than it did on a previous day, that’s a sign that the country is flattening the curve.

On a trend line of total cases, a flattened curve looks how it sounds: flat. On the charts on this page, which show new cases per day, a flattened curve will show a downward trend in the number of daily new cases.

This analysis uses a 7-day moving average to visualize the number of new COVID-19 cases and calculate the rate of change. This is calculated for each day by averaging the values of that day, the three days before, and the three next days. This approach helps prevent major events (such as a change in reporting methods) from skewing the data. The interactive charts below show the daily number of new cases for the most affected countries, based on the moving average of the reported number of daily new cases of COVID-19 and having more than 1 million inhabitants.

Johns Hopkins experts in global public health, infectious disease, and emergency preparedness have been at the forefront of the international response to COVID-19.

This website is a resource to help advance the understanding of the virus, inform the public, and brief policymakers in order to guide a response, improve care, and save lives.

1. Use the network you already have

If someone has already joined your email list, they most likely would love to connect with you on Facebook too.

Send out an email to your contact list, announcing your new page and inviting people to follow your business on Facebook.

You should also add social media buttons to your email footer, so your email subscribers are reminded of your active social channels.

This example shows social media icons prominently featured in the footer of a marketing email.

5: New Page

Our secure browser is a convenient gateway to applications provided to our commercial clients. It offers the confidence of layered protection through secure site access, malware prevention and one-time passcodes delivered via text.

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Poll: What’s your favorite feature in macOS Monterey?

macOS Monterey was previewed during the WWDC21 keynote ahead of its release to the general public later this fall. Now that the public beta version has been released, we want to know: what’s your favorite feature in the latest version of macOS?

Kick gas + oil to the curb with this 3-tool electric lawn care kit from $94, more in New&hellip

At $25.50, the Wyze Band fitness tracker runs circles around the competition (All-time low)

Samsung’s 2.1-Ch. soundbar features Dolby 5.1 virtualization at Amazon low of $198

Hey grads: Gateway’s 15-inch ultra slim 256GB laptop is at a new low of $379 ($130 off)

Golf Apparel Shop’s 4th of July Sale takes extra 30% off Callaway, PGA Tour, more


Prompts you for confirmation before running the cmdlet.

Default value:False
Accept pipeline input:False
Accept wildcard characters:False

This parameter is not supported by any providers installed with PowerShell. To impersonate another user or elevate your credentials when running this cmdlet, use Invoke-Command .

Default value:Current user
Accept pipeline input:True
Accept wildcard characters:False

Forces this cmdlet to create an item that writes over an existing read-only item. Implementation varies from provider to provider. Even using the Force parameter, the cmdlet cannot override security restrictions.

Default value:None
Accept pipeline input:False
Accept wildcard characters:False

Specifies the provider-specified type of the new item. The available values of this parameter depend on the current provider you are using.

If your location is in a FileSystem drive, the following values are allowed:

Creating a SymbolicLink type on Windows requires elevation as administrator. However, Windows 10 (build 14972 or newer) with Developer Mode enabled no longer requires elevation creating symbolic links.

In a Certificate drive, these are the values you can specify:

Default value:None
Accept pipeline input:True
Accept wildcard characters:False

Specifies the name of the new item. You can specify the name of the new item in the Name or Path parameter value, and you can specify the path of the new item in Name or Path value. Items names passed using the Name parameter are created relative to the value of the Path parameter.

Default value:None
Accept pipeline input:True
Accept wildcard characters:False

Specifies the path of the location of the new item. The default is the current location when Path is omitted. You can specify the name of the new item in Name, or include it in Path. Items names passed using the Name parameter are created relative to the value of the Path parameter.

For this cmdlet, the Path parameter works like the LiteralPath parameter of other cmdlets. Wildcard characters are not interpreted. All characters are passed to the location's provider. The provider may not support all characters. For example, you cannot create a filename that contains an asterisk ( * ) character.

Type:String [ ]
Default value:Current location
Accept pipeline input:True
Accept wildcard characters:False

Specifies the value of the new item. You can also pipe a value to New-Item .

Default value:None
Accept pipeline input:True
Accept wildcard characters:False

Shows what would happen if the cmdlet runs. The cmdlet is not run.

Default value:False
Accept pipeline input:False
Accept wildcard characters:False